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The following documents are the main deliverables of the ChinaAccess4EU project:

• Fact Sheets of Chinese national research & innovation programmes and agencies Download

• Project brochure
      o Chinese Version Download New Version Download
      o English Version Download New Version Download

• Project workshop proceedings
      o Stuttgart Workshop Proceedings Download 
      o Stuttgart Workshop Presentations Download

      o Grenoble Workshop Proceedings Download
      o Grenoble Workshop Presentations Download

      o London Workshop Proceedings Download 
      o London Workshop Presentations Download

      o Lappeenranta Workshop Proceedings Download 
      o Lappeenranta Workshop Presentations Download

      o Porto Workshop Proceedings Download 
      o Porto Workshop Presentations Download

 • Project dissemination & match-making events proceedings
      o China Dissemination Workshop presentations
         - Beijing
         - Chengdu
         - Hangzhou 

• China Dissemination Workshop proceedings Download

• 3 Case Study Reports Download

• Bi-annual newsletters
      o First Bi-annual Newsletter - June 2010 Download
      o Secondy Bi-annual Newsletter - December 2010 Download
      o Third Bi-annual Newsletter - June 2011 Download 
      o Fourth Bi-annual Newsletter - December 2011 Download 
      o Fifth Bi-annual Newsletter - June 2012 Download  

• Strategy Paper for enhancing reciprocity in EU-China S&T Cooperation Download

• Monthly Alerts
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