1. Background and objectives

The work plan of AUS-ACCESS4EU puts the objective of the FP 7 Capacities Work Programme "Supporting the EU access to third countries programmes (FP-INCO-2009-5) to help to develop the reciprocity aspects of the S&T agreement by identifying programmes open to EU researchers and promote their participation" into practise. The overall objective of the AUS-ACCESS4EU project is to increase S&T cooperation between the EU and Australia by identifying access opportunities for European researchers in Australian research capabilities and programmes and by widely disseminating this information to the European research community.

2. Implementation and dissemination activities

The individual activities and tasks that are proposed in the work plan of the project cover a wide array of activities within four work packages. Work packages 1 and 2 can be considered as thematic work packages. Work packages 3 and 4 are of a horizontal nature and thus support the successful implementation of the whole project.

WP 1: Inventory and Monitoring aims to map the opportunities for European researchers and research institutes to access Australian Federal Government, State/Territory Government programmes and other significant programmes run by Academies/NGOs and philanthropic bodies etc. This includes analysing the rules of participation and funding guidelines for European organisations and researchers as well as identifying the practical obstacles to their participation in Australian research. The inventory will include:

  • A survey of the bilateral cooperation agreements of EC Member States and Associated Countries with Australia, with a special focus on the reciprocity conditions of agreements.
  • A comparative analysis of the level of involvement of European scientists in Australian programmes and the participation rates of Australian teams in European programmes, including a study of best practices.
  • An analysis of the rules of participation and funding of European researchers.
  • An inventory of the rules and regulations of existing programmes and analysis of the potential practical obstacles to participation for European researchers.

WP 2: Awareness raising and profile building
The objectives of this work package are to raise the awareness of Australian institutions and programme owners of this project, to analyse aspects of the reciprocity of research programmes and to give recommendations to the EC based on the results of this analysis.

WP 2 will consist of:

  • a kick-off conference with the participation of Australian programme owners to make them aware of the project,
  • the dialogue with Australian programme owners, i.e. identifying relevant programme owners, conducting interviews and coming to conclusions,
  • organising at least 2 workshops on enhancing opportunities for EU participation in Australian programmes with programme owners and the relevant policy decision makers.

WP 3: Information dissemination and outreach aims to increase the European research community's opportunities to access Australian support and capability in order to stimulate and facilitate the participation of European organisations in the programmes managed by Australian programme owners. WP 3 aims to make optimum use of synergies with existing activities and projects. WP 3 will also ensure broad public dissemination of the outcomes of WP 1 and 2.

WP 3 will concentrate on:

  • the preparation of relevant information and the dissemination to EU researchers as well as relevant stakeholders and policy makers
  • organizing information and awareness activities by Australian programme owners in the EU via presentations and information days in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and further regional information days (Eastern Europe, Scandinavia ...) depending on the outcomes of the survey of bilateral cooperation agreements.
  • developing an interactive website for researchers in the private, public and academic sectors and establishing links to other ACCESS4EU websites (aiming to create a joint ACCESS4EU website), and
  • linking with other relevant ongoing Coordination and Support Actions

WP 4: Project coordination and management
The objectives of this work package are:

  • to organise and coordinate project activities,
  • to provide a smooth interface between the individual work packages and to ensure the proper implementation of the work packages and corresponding tasks,
  • to ensure a continuous quality assurance of the deliverables,
  • to execute the overall legal, financial and administrative management,
  • to provide the optimum implementation of the contract,
  • to assure an effective information flow,
  • to assure an appropriate handling of unexpected events and conflict management 

3. Expected impact

  • The main contribution of AUS-ACCESS4EU will be the promotion and strengthening of EU-Australian research cooperation in S&T addressing common interest and mutual benefit (and building on shared understanding and trust). With AUS-ACCESS4EU, the significance of the EU-Australian partnership will be emphasised and a enhanced momentum given to EU-Australian S&T cooperation. In general terms, AUS-ACCESS4EU will promulgate a better understanding of the Australian research system in Europe.
  • By supporting the EU access to programmes managed by Australia it contributes to the development of the reciprocity aspects of the S&T agreements between the EU and Australia. The project will enhance permeability of S&T cooperation programmes in both directions and facilitate a dialogue between European Member States/Associate Countries at the same level.


International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research  c/o German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Australian National University (ANU)

British Council (BC)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)