Kick-off Meeting

The official kick-off meeting of the AUS-ACCESS4EU project was held in Bonn from 23rd to 24th of November 2009. As coordinating partner of the consortium, the International Bureau (IB) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research invited all project partners to this two-day-meeting at IB's location in Bonn-Oberkassel at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

One goal was to provide a frame for all consortium members for getting in touch physically so that all partners will have a better understanding for each other. During a first tour de table every consortium member had the chance to introduce her/himself and to present the institution she/he belongs to. Even at this early stage the consortium got clear impressions about the strengths of every partner regarding the planned activities of ACCESS4EU project and how they fit together.

We were very pleased that Mr Tarik Meziani, the project officer of the European Commission (EC), was present and gave a speech about expectations and requirements from the EC's side. Furthermore, he provided very useful hints and information for coordinating a project, "Supporting the EU access to third countries programmes", of the 7th European Framework Programme.

Afterwards, very basic and useful presentations were held by Australian Partners about the 2Scientific cooperation between the European Union and Australia" and the "Australian S&T landscape and innovation system".

In the main part of the kick-off meeting every partner presented the tasks and deliverables they are responsible for and drafted first concepts how to reach their specific aims:

Project Constitution & Work Package Design (DLR)
WP1: Inventory and monitoring (ANU/CSIRO)
WP2: Awareness building and profile building (ANU/BC)
WP3: Dissemination and outreach (BC)
WP4: Project coordination and management (DLR)
After many constructive and fruitful discussions we established important links between different work packages. This efficient communication between all partners underlined the sustainable network of the consortium, which will be essential for a successful progress of this project.

At the end of this two-day-meeting a first concept about a common dissemination strategy for all 11 existing ACCESS4EU projects was presented with the focus on a common web-portal and a common call-data-base.

We at the IB are very pleased to coordinate this very interesting and promising project, and to work together with a small, but competent and dynamic team.

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