CSIRO Flagships and the Flagship Collaboration Fund

CSIRO Flagships and the Flagship Collaboration Fund

A Funding Opportunity for Collaboration with Europe
CSIRO's Flagship program was created in 2002 to deliver scientific solutions to advance Australia's most pressing national objectives - most of which are global challenges and borderless in nature.  Flagships are focused on impact and adoption. They are committed to delivering research solutions that target clearly defined goals. CSIRO currently has ten flagships:
• Climate Adaptation Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/ClimateAdaptationFlagship.html)

• Energy Transformed Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/EnergyTransformedFlagship.html)

• Food Futures Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/FoodFuturesFlagship.html)

• Light Metals Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/LightMetals.html)

• Minerals Down Under Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/MineralsDownUnderFlagship.html)

• Future Manufacturing Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/FutureManufacturingFlagship.html)

• Preventative Health Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/PreventativeHealthFlagship.html)

• Sustainable Agriculture Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/Sustainable-Agriculture-Flagship.html)

• Water for a Healthy Country Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/HealthyCountry.html)

• Wealth from Oceans Flagship (www.csiro.au/org/WealthOceansFlagship.html)

Funding for Collaboration with Europe
The Flagship Collaboration Fund is CSIRO's major international collaboration fund offering up to A$1M p.a. to collaboration clusters, which may contain international partners. Of the A$480 million provided by the Australian Federal Government over seven years, A$114.5 million has been allocated to enhance and reinforce the development of collaborative partnerships. 
There are four types of Flagship collaboration funding available:

• Flagship Clusters (www.csiro.au/org/Flagship-Cluster-Applications.html)

• Flagship Research Projects (www.csiro.au/org/Flagship-Projects.html)

• Flagship Visiting Fellowships (www.csiro.au/org/Flagship-Visiting-Fellowships.html)

• Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships (www.csiro.au/org/Flagship-Postgrad-Scholarships.html)

Guidelines and details of how to apply for funding are available under each type of funding listed above. Prospective applicants should contact the relevant Flagship to discuss their proposals prior to the submission of any application for funding.