Info Day presentations

Information Day presentations, May 2011 (downloadable pdfs)
Information Day presentations, November 2010 (downloadable pdfs)

AUS-ACCESS4EU newsletters & project info

A Guide for European Researchers flyer (PDF)
August 2011 AUS-ACCESS4EU Newsletter (PDF)
June 2011 AUS-ACCESS4EU Newsletter (PDF)
January 2011 AUS-ACCESS4EU Newsletter (PDF)
August 2010 AUS-ACCESS4EU Newsletter (PDF)

Information on the Australian science landscape for European researchers

       The Australian Antarctic Division 

Antarctica continues to be a region of international collaboration. The Australian Antarctic Division actively participates in the Antarctic Treaty System to promote Australia’s Antarctic interests and to manage and protect the Antarctic environment. The Antarctic Division administers the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands and the Australian Antarctic Territory, a claim covering 42% of the Antarctic continent Read more...


         10 of the Best Health and Medical Research Projects 2010 (PDF)

Excellence in Research for Australia 2010 National Report (PDF)
Australia – European Union S&T Cooperation Roadmap 2010-2012: Research and Innovation Priorities (PDF)
Opening Horizons: ACCESS4EU – Exploring New Opportunities for European Researchers in International S&T Cooperation (PDF)
A framework for analysing bilateral research cooperation agreements relating to reciprocity (PDF)
Mapping Australia’s Research strengths from an international perspective
This discussion paper provides an overview of Australia’s research performance, as tracked by Thomson-Reuters indexed publications, from a European Union perspective.
Internationalisation of Australian Science
Australian Academy of Science Position Paper, February 2010
The Australian Academy of Science believes that it is important the various policies and programs currently deployed to support Australian scientists to engage internationally should be enhanced and refocused into an integrated strategy to maximise our contribution to global science to the long-term benefit of the nation.
Enhancing reciprocity in international cooperation in research: issues and metrics (PDF)
Australian Research and Innovation System' from the AUS-ACCESS4EU kick-off meeting, November 2009, by Juliet Bell (PDF)
Testing metrics of openness and reciprocity to international collaboration against existing Australian programmes (PDF)
Monitoring report on the participation of EU researchers and institutes in Australian programmes (PDF)