Background information on the Brazilian S&T system
CREST OMC Country Report Brazil: An Analysis of EU-Brazilian Cooperation in S&T (in English)
APORTA report on
the Brazilian S&T landscape (in English)
Country report Brazil elaborated within EULANEST, an ERA-Net funded during the European Union´s Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technology (in English)
Brochure on the
National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCT) (in Portuguese and English)

Official documents on Brazilian-EU relations
Agreement on S&T cooperation between Brazil and the EU 
EU strategy paper for the cooperation with Brazil 
Communication on the EU-Brazilian partnership

APORTA project info
APORTA flyer (English version)
APORTA flyer (Portuguese version)

The European Commission's
factsheet of APORTA

APORTA results and documents
A Guide for European researchers: How to participate in Brazilian funding programmes?
Opportunities for Environmental Research in Brazil - Presentation held at the Environmental (Bio-)Technologies Conference in Gdansk, Poland, on September 2011
APORTA deliverable D1.2  "Major Findings: Inventory of grant opportunities with rules for participation and potential obstacles": The  report analyzes around 450 calls of seven Brazilian agencies. It examines specific institutional policies of the funding agencies and their differences in terms of opportunities for foreign participation.
APORTA deliverable D1.3 "Database on Brazilian research programmes open for EU researchers/ institutions and rules for participation": This report summarizes the criteria applied for Brazilian calls to be entered into the ACCESS4EU-call database
APORTA deliverable D2.1 "Kick-off conference and report": the document sums up the outcomes of the first APORTA conference with Brazilian policy makers which took place on April 19, 2010.
APORTA deliverable D3.5 "Launch of interactive web portal": Report on the implementation of the interactive ACCESS4EU-webportal

On March 10, 2010, a meeting of representatives of Brazilian-European S&T cooperation took place in Brasilia. Next to an informative document on the meeting, please also find a report on the interviews with European science counsellors and a presentation of the preliminary results held during the meeting.
Meeting of EU and Brazilian S&T representatives
Presentation on results of interviews with EU S&T representatives (in Portuguese)
Report on results of interviews with EU S&T representatives (in Portuguese)
Report on results of interviews with EU S&T representatives (in English)

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