Are you a European researcher interested in participating in Brazilian funding programmes? An APORTA guide is now available for download here.

Brazil recently launched a new programme to promote international mobility. The Science without Borders Programme operated by CNPq and CAPES started in early 2012 and is expected to fund a total of 100,000 scholarships for students and researchers. An info brochure is available for download here, more information is available on the CAPES website.

Upcoming events

Infotour France and Germany - CHANGED DATES!
APORTA is currently organizing an infotour on "Brazilian Research Capacities in Health and Biodiversity – Opportunities for Brazilian European Cooperation". Two infodays will be carried out in Montpellier, France and in Bonn, Germany. The first infoday takes place in Montpellier on June 18th, the second takes place in Bonn on June 21, 2012. We are pleased to invite you to the event. The APORTA infoday is targeted at European researchers in the areas of Biodiversity, Agriculture and Health who wish to learn about opportunities for European-Brazilian cooperation in these areas. We are delighted that high level Brazilian experts have agreed to speak at our event. Researchers will have the opportunity to meet them and obtain a greater understanding of Brazil’s research capacities and priorities as well as existing EU-Brazilian cooperation activities.

All presentations will be given in English. We hope you will be able to attend this informative and enjoyable event, which is free of charge. Details of the programme in Bonn and in Montpellier are available for download here:

Agenda and details APORTA infoday Montpellier
Agenda and details APORTA infoday Bonn

Places are limited so if you would like to attend please confirm your attendance as soon as possible by sending an email to for the event in Montpellier and to for the event in Bonn.

We look forward to meeting you!


Workshop on Brazilian-European S&T cooperation within European and Brazilian funding programmes
An international conference on Brazilian-European science cooperation will take place in Brasilia on June 6, 2012. The event titled “Brazilian-European S&T cooperation within European and Brazilian funding programmes” is aimed at enhancing the discussion on mutual access opportunities of Europeans and Brazilians in ST&I funding programmes, as well as on the mutual benefits of the Brazil-EU cooperation in Science and Technology. Results of the workshop will be submitted to the Joint EU-Brazilian Steering Committee in charge of monitoring the implementation of the EU-Brazil S&T Cooperation Agreement. The workshop targets European and Brazilian representatives of S&T cooperation organizations, political stakeholders and representatives of the European Commission. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.







Past news and events

December 2011
The Fiftth Steering Committee meeting of the S&T Cooperation Agreement between the European Community and Brazil took place in Brasilia ín December 2011. APORTA was invited to present an overview of project results and activities planned for 2012. More information on outcomes and results of the meeting are available on the European Commission's website for S&T cooperation with Brazil at

September 2011
APORTA took part in the B2B matchmaking event at the Environmental (Bio) Technologies conference in Gdansk, Poland, on September 5-6, 2011. During an infosession on international cooperation, opportunities on European-Brazilian cooperation in Environmental Research were presented. The presentation is now available for download here

June 2011

New FP7 calls released: The European Commission recently published the first series of calls for proposals of the FP7 work programme for 2012. The main focus of the calls is the integration of research with innovation to tackle societal challenges and create sustainable jobs and growth by giving Europe a lead in the key technology markets of the future. All of the calls are open for the participation of non-European researchers and/or research organisations working alongside their EU counterparts. In order to strengthen international cooperation, the European Commission provides country specific information on cooperation opportunities at their website, aiming to provide researchers working in non-EU countries with a brief overview of the content of the work programme and the current calls, and highlight some specific topics which may be of particular interest.

May 2011
APORTA  took part in the ACCESS4EU infoday on ICT, taking place in the framework of the ICT Proposer Day in Budapest on May 20. The Brazilian ICT expert Professor Moacyr Martucci from the University of Sao Paulo will informed interested researchers about cooperation possibilities between the EU and Brazil.

December 2010
The APORTA-team wishes you merry Christmas, enjoyable holidays and a good start into 2011!

December 7, 2010
The Fourth Steering Committee meeting of the S&T Cooperation Agreement between the European Communities and Brazil took place in Brussels on December 7, 2010. Substantial delegations on both sides assessed progress and opportunities of cooperation across a wide range of areas of shared interest. Being aimed at strengthening the reciprocity aspects of the S&T Cooperation Agreement between EU and Brazil, APORTA was invited to present an overview of project results and activities planned for 2011. More information will soon be available on the European Commission's website for S&T cooperation with Brazil at

October 2010
General elections in Brazil
In October 2010, government elections took place in Brazil. Former President of Brazil, Lula, counts with high numbers of support from the public, but couldn't run for the President´s office again, having completed his second mandate. As no candidate received absolute majority of votes in the first round of elections on October 3, 2010, a second round was held on October 31. With 56% to 44% of the votes, Lula's designated successor from the Worker's Party, Dilma Rousseff, won against the candidate of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party, José Serra. Thus, Rousseff becomes Brazilian first female president.

September 2010
Coordinated call on ICT launched by EU and Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology.

July 2010
In the end of July 2010, the new FP7 Work Programmes were published. They hold plenty of possibilities for European-Latin American cooperation. Some calls focus especially on cooperation between Europe and Brazil.
The 2010 EU-Latin America and Caribbean Summit focused on bi-regional cooperation on “Innovation and technology for sustainable development and social inclusion”. The Summit Action Plan endorses an EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation to boost science and technology cooperation between the EU and LAC countries. This requires an integrated approach taking into account the environmental, economic and social dimensions and a balanced involvement of research teams and the relevant stakeholders from Europe and the LAC region in the consortia. Special attention will be paid to the uptake and use of the new knowledge generated and, whenever relevant, to SME participation.
More information is available on In addition, a leaflet summarizing the opportunities for scientific cooperation between Europe and Latin America, is available for download.

July 14, 2010
EU-Brazil Summit, Brasilia. More information available on 

May 26 – 28, 2010
4th National Conference on ST&I for sustainable development, Brasilia. More information on 

May 18, 2010
6th EU-Latin American Summit of Heads of State and Government - “Towards a new phase of the bi-regional association: innovation and technology for sustainable development and social inclusion”, Madrid, Spain. More information on 

April 19, 2010
First workshop for Brazilian S&T stakeholders and program  owners, Brasilia, Brazil

March 2010
Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation. More information on

March 10, 2010
Roundtable of on EU-Brazil cooperation, Brasilia. Further information available in the
download section

December 09-10, 2009
Kick-off meeting APORTA, Bonn, Germany

November 26-27, 2009
Third Steering Committee meeting of the S&T Cooperation Agreement between the European Communities and Brazil takes place in Brasilia. More information available on the European Commission's website for S&T cooperation with Brazil at