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The Access4EU Common Call Database provides European researchers with information about Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) programmes around the world. The programme information, which is updated continuously, comes from 11 countries with RTDI programmes that are open to European participants.


Access opportunities for European researchers in Brazilian national funding programmes

Through bilateral agreements, funding for Brazilian-European researcher mobility and staff exchange is often available to support international cooperation. But even Brazilian thematic national funding programmes do offer opportunities for international cooperation. Scientific coordinators of projects funded in Brazil often count with a high level of autonomy regarding the allocation of project funds, if the legal framework is respected. Thus, if considered beneficial for the project and justified in the project proposal, funds can be allocated for international cooperation activities.

For open calls and opportunities for European-Brazilian S&T cooperation within Brazilian funding programmes, please search our database for Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) programmes, available here!

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Which type of Brazilian calls can I find in the Access4EU Common Call Database?

A high number of calls for research and innovation projects is published in Brazil yearly through different funding agencies at State level and Federal level. For the Common Call Database of the ACCESS4EU web portal, only the most appropriate Brazilian national calls were selected from a pool of app. 450 Brazilian calls which were analyzed beforehand. The decision on including a Brazilian call in the Common Call Database is based on the following criteria:

a) Open currently or at least periodically recurrent;
b) Political will of international openness, or at least indication of that interest;
c) Appropriate funding of individual proposals to arouse interest of participation by the European scientific community;
d) Sufficient overall financial resources of the call.

APORTA is looking for new access opportunities for Europeans to Brazilian national funding programmes. Therefore, the Common Call Database does not include bilateral (co-financed) calls between Brazil and single European countries. If you are looking for information about this type of programmes, please direct yourself to your national funding agency.

Calls for Brazilian-European cooperation within the European Union´s Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) are often mentioned, but not necessarily included in the database, either.  Information on FP7 calls is available at the European Commission's gateway to European research and development CORDIS
and at the European Commission’s Research Participant Portal

The Brazilian calls in the Common Call Database are updated continuously.

Which Cooperation possibilities exist within Brazilian funding programmes?

Most calls for research projects issued by Brazilian funding agencies allow foreign participation, if one essential requirement is met: The coordinator has to be a Brazilian researcher linked to a Brazilian national institution. The main exceptions to this basic rule concern individual (person-centred) scholarships, funding schemes for staff training. Co-funded bilateral cooperation programmes mostly exclude the possibility of further foreign participation as well.
Brazilian calls for research and/or innovation projects are primarily aimed at financing national cooperation projects (cooperation between various Brazilian research institutions), with more or less specific conditions for composing national research teams.
The majority of these calls offer opportunities for foreign participation, as long as the proposal is submitted by a Brazilian coordinator and the project proposal itself includes the importance of international cooperation. Once these prerequisites are met, the coordinator can manage the project funds with a significant autonomy. He/she can choose his/her fellow researchers and has a wide autonomy to plan the project expenditures in accordance with the needs of the research project. International cooperation activities thus have to be planned in advance and mentioned in the proposal already.

What kind of international cooperation activities can be funded through national Brazilian funding?

In general, the access opportunities for European researchers in Brazilian national programmes are restricted to mobility resources. Brazilian funding agencies cannot support any research activities of foreigners outside of Brazil: as a general rule, Brazilian funds cannot cross borders.
If no specific restrictions are mentioned in the call, international cooperation activities through Brazilian funding include research stays of foreigners in Brazil, or research stays of Brazilians abroad in the frame of the funded project. For example, resources can be allocated for international travel and per-diem for foreign researchers in Brazil, or certain specific scholarships may be allocated, such as scholarships for visiting researchers, or a PhD scholarship abroad.