Within the framework of the Access4EU-projects, APORTA wants to show and enhance the access opportunities of European researchers in the national research and innovation programmes of Brazil. APORTA thus wants to contribute to a stronger cooperation of research institutions in Europe and Brazil.

APORTA focuses on the collection of information regarding the national research and innovation capacities and programmes within Brazil. Brazilian authorities are made aware of the advantages of programmes accessible for EU participation. A further objective is to disseminate this information to the widest possible number of researchers and other stakeholders in the European Research Area. The results of APORTA will be publicly available on this web portal and will also be presented during information days and events in Europe.

In order to assure a successful project implementation, APORTA is divided into four work packages. The first work package, lead by CNPq, is aimed at „Inventory and monitoring” and can be considered as the analytical fundament of information that will be used for the development of the dissemination and information instruments in further work packages. A mapping and inventory of Brazilian national research programmes will be carried out. The rules of participation and funding of European organisations and researchers as well as the potential obstacles to their participation will be analysed. Additionally, the participation of EU researchers and institutes in Brazilian national research programmes shall be monitored.

The second work package, lead by IRD, is targeting the “Dialogue with the EC and Brazilian Programme owners”. The EC as well as Brazilian programme owners who are responsible for setting the rules and regulations of access conditions will be included into the project from the beginning. A close dialogue among them will be set up and continuously implemented through a series of conferences, workshops and continuous exchange through other means of communication.

The third work package is lead by FORTH and focuses on “Information dissemination and outreach”. In order to achieve a maximum outreach of the project and effective impact in EU research institutions, APORTA will follow the “Common Dissemination Strategy” for all ACCESS4EU projects – above all through taking part in an overall ACCESS4EU web portal, joined information days, contributing to a newsletter etc.  On the ACCESS4EU web portal as well as on a specific APORTA website, a database will be made available including all national calls open for European researchers.

The fourth work package is lead by DLR and dedicated to “Project Coordination and Management”, thus ensuring a successful implementation and outcome of APORTA. 

APORTA will provide a feedback to the European Commission in the context of the Joint Committee meetings of the S&T agreement between Brazil and EU. By making recommendations regarding current possibilities and obstacles, APORTA intends to enhance the reciprocity of the cooperative S&T agreement and increase the mutual benefits for both sides. The expected impact of APORTA will thus be an increased participation of EU scientists in Brazilian research and innovation programmes and a closer interaction and cooperation.

Please find the APORTA project flyer and more information in our download section!

Project Flyer

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