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Looking for possibilities to collaborate with Canadian reseachers under Canadian research programmes?

The information on Canadian Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) programmes is valuable for both researchers and S&T managers (information multipliers, policy-makers etc). The programmes are open to European participation, though funding for European researchers is rarely available. Nevertheless, the programmes offer a broad spectrum of opportunities to collaborate with teams of excellent Canadian researchers. The S&T areas covered by these programmes are often of crucial importance for Europe as well. To date, the database contains 24 Canadian RTDI programmes. In the database, you can search by:

  • Country Name (select 'Canada'),
  • Programme Type (research, innovation, capacity building, indirect opport, or multipurpose),
  • Thematic Area (e.g. 'Environment', 'ICT', 'Energy' or 'Health'),
  • Key word.    

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The Canadian RTDI programmes can also be found in the OPPORTUNITY REPORT 2011. This yearly report further contains a list of obstacles and impedances for participating under these programmes, as well as an overview of bilateral S&T agreements between Canada and individual European Member States.


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Overview of the Canadian RTDI programmes that are available in the database ( and in the Opportunity Report 2010


On 5 September 2011 opportunities for doing environmental research in Canada were promoted in Gdansk.

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On 9 June 2011 opportunities for doing health research in Canada were promoted in Brussels.

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