Useful documents

Road Map Document - EC-Canada Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement
Document prepared by the Joint Science & Technology Coordination Committee. Highlights S&T priorities of common interest to Europe and Canada.

Report card on Innovation - The Conference Board of Canada
Despite a decade or so of innovation agendas and prosperity reports, Canada remains near the bottom of its peer group on innovation, ranking 14th among the 17 peer countries.

International Cooperation Activities of the Seventh Framework Programme, Capacities Programme - Interim Evaluation Report of the Expert Group
Discusses impact of the Access4EU initiative (p 40). "The Access4EU Activity is unique among the"International Cooperation Activities in that the funded projects all share a common target audience – EU research organisations. This has made it possible for the projects to coordinate their efforts in disseminating information and promoting participation in third country programmes."

Opening Horizons: ACCESS4EU - Exploring New Opportunities for European Researchers in International Cooperation
This brochure gives an overview of the ACCESS4EU projects, which are funded under the FP7 Capacities programme.



On 5 September 2011 opportunities for doing environmental research in Canada were promoted in Gdansk.

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On 9 June 2011 opportunities for doing health research in Canada were promoted in Brussels.

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Access2Canada flyer


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Download the OPPORTUNITY REPORT 2010 (PDF).