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India Gate Deliverables

D.2.2 Report on the meetings with the Ministries and the Funding Organisations

D.2.3 Detailed list of opportunities

D.2.4 Database on funding organisation

D.2.5 Report on Bilateral agreements

D.2.6 Report on status on opening up funding programs in India

D.2.7 Database on organizations having EU India collaboration              

D.2.8 Report on Obstacles facing EU organizations

D.2.9 Report on conclusions, best practices, recommendations

D.3.4 E-package content plan

D3.5 E-Package

D4.1 Publicity & Dissemination Plan

D4.2 Dissemination tools: leaflet, poster

D4.3 Newsletters

D.4.4 Report on Info Days

D.4.5 Report on presentation at EU events

D4.6 Summary report on dissemination

D4.7 Summary of event

D.4.8 Publication “Cooperate with India: a guide to access the Indian funding”

D.5.1 Report on Innovation Landscape and motives for establishing operations in India

D.5.2 EU industry in India

D.5.3 Report on cluster existence and cooperation

EU-India S&T cooperation Days 2012

Scientific conference & networking event, Thematic focus: Water

The presentations and photos are available in the Downloads session!

EU-India FP7 2013 - India Focused Topics of Interest

SYNCHRONISER: Foresight Study on ICT R&D Trends in India

SYNCHRONISER booklet on Experts' Recommendations & Action Plan

EU-India S&T Cooperation Days 2011

EU-India FP7 2012 - India Focused Topics of Interest

EU-India Cooperation

• EU-India S&T Cooperation Agreement – 2002 
• EC Country Strategy Paper India – 2007 – 2013 
• India-EU Joint Statement of 30 November 2007 
• EU-India S&T Cooperation Agreement – 2007  
• EU-India Summit’s Joint Action Plan, Marseille – 29 September 2008  
• Joint Statement of the 10th EU-India Summit, New Delhi – 2009


Background information on Indian S&T structure

 Country Report India 
• Indian S&T Structure


INDIAGATE project documents

• List of Indian ministries 
• Database of FP7 Projects EU-India collaboration 

Project workshops proceedings 
India Gate Benchmarking Workshop and Coordination meet

Dissemination tools

o Project Brochure

o Newsletters 



Download the Project Brochure


 EU-India Common Portal



Euraxess India


EU-India FP7 - 2013 topics of interest for collaboration

Major scientific conference and networking event on water related challenges for more info-