S&T of European Commission

The European Commission website provides information about its latest initiatives, programmes and European Union policies and activities in general.

European Commission - RESEARCH – International cooperation
EU website addresses international scientific and technological cooperation needs and opportunities in research across the globe and to contribute to peace and prosperity for European citizens.

CORDIS – Gateway to European research and development
The portal serves as a source of information on the European latest research and development activities. It offers interactive facilities that link researchers not only from EU member states & associated courtiers but also gives opportunities for third countries researchers to come together.

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
This section of the CORDIS portal provides information on the current seventh framework programme (FP7) calls for proposals, news, projects and partners etc.

This site provides a framework for actors implementing public research programmes to coordinate their activities e.g. by developing joint activities or by mutually supporting joint calls for trans-national proposals.

Ideal-ist is web-based platform and acts as a perfect tool for joining ICT projects, finding appropriate partners for project idea and finding services to support you in your ICT project within the Seventh European Framework Programme.

India- EU Cooperation

European Commission Delegation in India
Generic overview of the Delegation of European Union in India

European Commission External Relations - India
This site provides information about EU-India relation in general including trade, research, important EU-India ministerial summits, key documents and many others.

European Commission’s Directorate for Research
This EU website allows you to read latest information about the European and Indian political decisions and advances in the research and development.

India-EU Council
The website acts as a point of access to the exchange of opportunities across EU-India which further aim to establish and support co-operation among Europeans and Indians.

The portal serves as a main point of access for Indian organizations to know about EU funding in research and development and its main aim is to enhance research level co-operation between European Union and India.

Indian S&T System

Indian Science and Technology system consists of various ministries, departments, councils and institutes.  Major S&T agencies/departments are:

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
CSIR is a premier industrial autonomous R&D organization. It gives a view on industrial competitiveness, social welfare, strong S&T base for strategic sectors and advancement of fundamental knowledge.

Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
DAE is an independent department under central government. It informs about all the units/labs of atomic energy in India.

Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
DBT website informs on the development of modern biology and biotechnology in India and also about the major R&D projects and several national and international programmes.
Department of Space (DOS)
DOS is an independent department under central government that informs about the development and applications of space technology and space science for the socio-economic benefits of the nation.

Department of Telecommunication (DOT)
DOT briefs about the research and development under telecommunication, international cooperation and private investments in telecommunication.

Department of Science and Technology (DST)
DST website gives a detailed overview of the S&T activities in the country, technology development programmes relating to key sectors and development of international cooperation in S&T.

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)
DSIR acts as a platform to promote research in industry and supports scientific laboratories and facilitates the transfer of technology between various stakeholders.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
ICAR is an autonomous organisation. It guides and manages research and education in agriculture including horticulture, fisheries and animal sciences.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
ICMR informs on the latest biomedical research and technological development through various research programmes.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MOCIT) & Department of Information Technology (DIT)
The website provides information about latest projects and schemes undertaken in R&D under various aspects of information technology including research efforts in electronics and related fields.

Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) 
MOEF informs about the promotion of environmental and forestry research, international cooperation and creation of environmental awareness.

Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) & Department of Ocean Development (DOD)
This site creates awareness of the atmospheric, oceanic and seismic regime & provides information about development of technology and technological aids for harnessing of resources.

Ministry of Food Processisng Industries (MFPI)
This site acts as a catalyst for guiding the industry, encouraging exports and creating conducive environment for healthy growth of the food processing industry.

Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES)/ Ministry of Renewable Energy (MNRE)
The website gives an overview about the functions relating to all aspects of renewable energy and also promotes national and international programmes in renewable energy.

EU-India ERA-NET Project

New Indigo
It is an initiative of European and Indian S&T organisations involved in promoting research cooperation between Europe and India. The aim of New INDIGO project is to fill the gaps and allow the scientific community and institutions of India to access the European Research Area, and the Euro-Indian S&T cooperation to fully benefit from the new networking tools of FP7.


Download the Project Brochure


 EU-India Common Portal



Euraxess India


EU-India FP7 - 2013 topics of interest for collaboration

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