Background and objectives

6 European and Indian Partner organizations are focusing on achieving one objective –

To increase the S&T cooperation between India and the EU by creating a “one-stop shop” for funding opportunities that are available in India for European organizations.


The INDIA GATE project will identify Indian research and innovation funding programmes, the obstacles that inhibit EU researchers and organizations from taking part in the identified opportunities and make the information available in a user-friendly manner to stimulate, encourage and facilitate participation. INDIA GATE will bring EU-India scientific cooperation forward by an increased participation of European organisations in Indian funding programmes and contribute to an increased mutual understanding of EU-India respective research systems. 


What does INDIAGATE do for you?

  • Map and identify funding opportunities open for European organisations in India with a focus on their reciprocity character, rules of participation and funding rates
  • Analyse the obstacles for participation with focus on their reciprocity conditions
  • Review the bilateral agreements and arrangements between EU Member States and India
  • Enhance know how on cultural differences in business conduct and working style via an user friendly e-training
  • Identifies the innovation landscape and capacity in India, with special emphasis on the mechanisms that support cooperation with the EU
  • Develop feedback and recommendations for decision makers and provide expert input to the Joint Committee meetings
  • Increase the mutual understanding of respective research systems
  • Analyses Indian clusters and cooperation with European clusters

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