Helpdesk and contact point

The KORRIDOR helpdesk provides information about the access opportunities for Korean government-funded international cooperation R&D programs to potential European participants and potential multipliers so as to effectively facilitate participation of European researchers in Korean R&D programs. The helpdesk is set up in KIST Europe and the services include fast and free consulting and advising services on access opportunities, legal, organizational, financial and cultural issues and available supporting mechanisms. We also constantly update the FAQ and participation guidelines for Korean R&D programs.

Service Workflow

Service type 1: email or telephone consultation

  1. Receiving inquires by email or telephone
  2. Problem identification
    A. Simple information: referring to FAQ and Guidelines;  provision of consulting services (within 2 days)
    B. Legal or financial issues: reporting to responsible Korean R&D funding agencies; provision of consulting services (within 1 week)

Service type 2: face-to-face consultation

Receiving issues or requests in advance by email

  1. Making appointment by email or telephone
  2. Provision of consulting service
    A. Oral consultation: within 1 week
    B. Presentation required: within 2 weeks


Service Personnel

The KORRIDOR helpdesk welcomes e-mail, telephone, and face-to-face consultations.

  • Sangwon Kim (, +49-681-9382-348)
    • KORRIDOR introduction
    • Korea-EU science and technology cooperation relationship
    • The overall R&D supporting structure of Korea


  • Tae Young Park (, +49-681-9382-341)
    • Contact to major Korean R&D funding agencies (NRF, KIAT, KETEP)
    • Status of current participation of European Researchers in Korean R&D prorams
    • Living and working in Korea


  • Moon Jung Kang (, +49-681-9382-323) 
    • Open calls
    • Support for contacting Korean RTD institutions
    • Promotional materials and event notice