Status of international R&D cooperation funded by Korean Government

In 2009, 1,020 projects carried out international cooperation activities. These projects, funded by the Korean government, included 2,242 cooperation cases. In 2009, the number of international cooperation projects slightly decreased compared to the previous year. The number of participating countries also were down from 75 countries in 2008 to 64 countries in 2009. USA (761 cases, 33.9%), Japan (337 cases, 15.0%), and China (159 cases, 7.1%) were the main participants, covering more than 50% of the total cooperation cases. The three countries have remained active partner countries in R&D collaboration with Korea during 2007 to 2009.

Figure: Cooperation cases by country (2009)

Source: KISTEP (2011), Analysis of investment and performance of the government-funded international R&D collaboration

According to the R&D budget of the Korean ministries in 2009 and 2010, MKE and MEST play leading roles in R&D funding in Korea. The government ensures that R&D investments are more efficient by increasing investment in basic sciences, and, at the same time, encouraging the private sector to invest more in technological development, thus ensuring each sector cooperates in the national R&D development.

 Table: R&D budget of Korea according to ministry (2009-2010) 

Source: KISTEP (2010), Guide to government-funded R&D Programs of Korea