S&T cooperation between Korea and EU

The first contact between Korean and European researchers and Science and Technology (S&T) authorities was established in the 1990s. And the importance of EU-Korean S&T cooperation for both parties was recognized. This resulted in the inclusion of this area in EU-Korean Framework Agreement on Trade and Cooperation, which came into effect in April 2001. In FP6, Korean participation in European research was visibly growing, supported by the joint efforts aimed at setting up the cooperation facilitation infrastructure – a network of Korean NCPs. There are currently 9 NCPs covering all major research areas of common interests. In November 2006, a new breakthrough in S&T cooperation was marked when The Agreement on S&T Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the European Community was signed. The principle of reciprocity in providing access to RTD programs of the Parties is a new commitment that is crucial to building fair and mutually beneficial S&T cooperation.
To intensify and strengthen S&T cooperation between Korea and Europe and develop sustainable cooperation strategies, EU has launched KORANET, KESTCAP and KORRIDOR projects in conjunction with Korea. Projects under Korea-EU Collaboration (except KORRIDOR project) are:

  1. KORANET (Korean scientific cooperation network with the European Research Area)
    • KORANET aims at intensifying and strengthening S&T cooperation between Korea and Europe. The project is funded under the 7th EU Research Framework Programme and runs from January 2009 until December 2012. Eleven partners from nine European countries and Korea form the KORANET consortium. The five work packages include analytical and foresight exercises, the development of a joint funding programme for European-Korean research activities and the organisation of conferences and workshops.
    • For more information: http://www.koranet.eu/
  2. KESTCAP (Korea-EU Science and Technology Cooperation Advancement Programme)
    • KESTCAP is promoted by the “Agreement on S&T Cooperation between the European community and the government of the Republic of Korea. The major objectives are developing sustainable S&T cooperation strategies, disseminating S&T information and promoting cooperation, and organizing and supporting cooperative events between Korea and EU.
    • For more information: http://www.kestcap.org/en/

Furthermore to promote bilateral and multilateral S&T cooperation between Korean and European researchers, EU and Korea support participation of Korean researchers in European R&D programmes such as FP and EUREKA.

  • EUREKA Multilateral International Collaborative R&D Programme
    • With the advent of the Korea-EU FTA era, Korea aims to advance into the European market and foster qualified human resources experienced in with international competitiveness by participating in the EUREKA programme which is part of the European R&D network. Korea also seeks transformation of its industrial R&D system into one that meets the global standard mostly found in advanced countries and promotes international collaborative R&D programs by building a close network with European advanced technology community.
    • For more information: http://www.eurekanetwork.org/south-korea/search