Information Day

The KORRIDOR consortium successfully held three information days. The first was held in Bonn (1st of March, 2011), the second in Paris (3rd of March, 2011) and the third in Barcelona (6th October 2011) to promote opportunities available to Europeans researchers in programs supported by the Korean government. About 80 people from German research community, 50 people from French research community and 46 people from Spanish research community, who wish to learn about current opportunities for European-Korean research cooperation through Korean-funded programs, participated in the Bonn, Paris and Barcelona events, respectively.
At these information days, leading members of the most important Korean funding organisations,KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology) and NRF (National Research Foundation) as well as KETEP (Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning) introduced their international cooperation R&D programs. Successful cooperation cases from each country were also shared among attendees and help them gain a greater understanding of Korea’s distinct research strengths and resources as well as existing EU-Korean cooperation activities.

The presentation files for each event can be downloaded here: Bonn, Paris, Barcelona.

A brief summary for Korean government-funded R&D programmes open to European researchers is provided here: Brochure.