List of Principal Korean Research Institutions

In order to facilitate collaboration in R&D between Korean and EU researchers, the most important job is looking for the right partner. For this reason, our members decided to make an index that will allow searching of excellent Korean research institutions with which European researchers might want to make contact for their R&D collaboration. The "List" provides information on research institutions in three categories:

Part I - 27 public research institutions,

Part II -15 private research institutions, and

Part III - 30 university research institutions.

Information about individual institutions is mainly focused on that institution’s research areas and contact information, not in detail but in brief.  For Korean public research institutions, we mentioned all the institutions that operate under the various Korean Ministries, because there are not many. However, there are too many private and university research organizations for us to mention them all in this List, Therefore, we need a criterion for selecting certain research institutions among many research organizations. Each criterion will be described in the front of Part II and Part III.  

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Download list of Principal Korean Research Institutions