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Types Of Action Financed By The Framework Programme

Not every call for proposals will be able to cover all the types of action discussed below. The individual measures for SMEs and innovation operate through all the programmes. Research, Technological Development And Demonstration Activities These are actions co-financed by the EU, also referred to as shared-cost actions. They include the following. ● Research And […]

Prominent FP Funded Projects

The Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, also referred to as Framework Programmes abbreviated to FP1 through FP9, are funding programmes created by the European Union to support and encourage research in the European Research Area (ERA). Beginning in 2014, these funding programmes were called Horizon. These funding programmes started in 1984 and continue […]

Participation Of Norway In The Framework Programme

The FP participation of Norway has dramatically increased the quality of Norwegian Research and Integration and the competitiveness of the Norwegian participants enhance the possibility of Norwegian participation to succeed internationally. This is the first objective of the government’s strategy. The most critical impact of the Framework Programme participation is arguably gaining access to international […]

Horizon 2020 – Objectives & Agencies

Horizon 2020 is the eighth framework programme that is funding technological development, innovation and research. The name of the programme has been changed to Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. This programme ran from 2014 to 2020 and provided an estimated 80 billion euros worth of funding, increasing 23% from the previous phase. Horizon 2020 […]

History Of The Framework Programme

The Framework Programme was developed as the main the European Union’s research-related policy instrument. European Institutions dedicated financial resources to this new policy instrument, and over the years, the budget increased and thematic priorities, intervention modalities and financial support have been adapted to the emerging needs of the EU. The 1986 Single European Act The […]

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