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EU Framework Programmes For Research and Innovation

Making a difference with EU frameworks tends to bring up the aspect of research and innovation and manages to take things forward in the right direction. With all that in place, you are bound to get it all together.

All Programmes In One Glimpse the RTDI Database

Take a look at the major programs hosted and brought out by RTDI’s database, as they are the ones that are well equipped to help you with the right kind of knowledge.

Research Funding

Looking deep into the aspect of funding and how it takes shape for the better will help you make the most of the process and venture ahead with ease.

EU Projects

As EU projects are always about hitting the right targets, one can always understand the same and move ahead to bring changes that matter the most.

Enhanced Database

As the aspect of enhanced databases comes into the picture, you can clearly look at ways to bring in differences and move ahead to make it all count for the better.

Technology Development

Developing the aspect of technology and making use of the benefits will surely help us venture forward and move ahead into the arena that is all about change.

Programme Type

Starting the journey with research and moving ahead into the unique area of capacity building is the right process that needs to be kept under check and followed to the fullest.
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Research Programme

Research programs are all about making matters meet and conducting the right form of research that brings in benefits in the right manner.

igaming innovation

Innovation Programme

With innovation holding the stage for importance, one needs to look into it and stand to bring in differences that go a long way to make matters beneficial.

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Capacity Building Programme

Since capacity building programs tend to paint a clear picture, one can look into the same and understand the nature of effectiveness that it stands to provide.

“As they open the door towards innovation, it is always a good experience to follow and understand the same.”
Shirley F Craig

Latest News & Updates


Types Of Action Financed By The Framework Programme

Not every call for proposals will be able to cover all the types of action discussed below. The individual measures for SMEs and innovation operate through all the programmes. Research, Technological Development And Demonstration Activities These are actions co-financed by …

Prominent FP Funded Projects

The Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, also referred to as Framework Programmes abbreviated to FP1 through FP9, are funding programmes created by the European Union to support and encourage research in the European Research Area (ERA). Beginning in …

Participation Of Norway In The Framework Programme

The FP participation of Norway has dramatically increased the quality of Norwegian Research and Integration and the competitiveness of the Norwegian participants enhance the possibility of Norwegian participation to succeed internationally. This is the first objective of the government’s strategy …
Objectives & Agencies

Horizon 2020 – Objectives & Agencies

Horizon 2020 is the eighth framework programme that is funding technological development, innovation and research. The name of the programme has been changed to Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. This programme ran from 2014 to 2020 and provided an …

History Of The Framework Programme

The Framework Programme was developed as the main the European Union’s research-related policy instrument. European Institutions dedicated financial resources to this new policy instrument, and over the years, the budget increased and thematic priorities, intervention modalities and financial support have …

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